About Us

As independent financial advisers, we help people make the best decisions about their money – so they can feel confident about their new financial future.

We’ve chosen to focus on providing financial advice for divorcees, widows and retirees simply because it’s where we can have the biggest impact.

Not just with the mechanics of superannuation advice, investment ideas and budgeting guidance – but by helping them set their new direction. 

Planning your solo journey

My name’s Jordan and thank you for checking out my practice, PlanningSolo.

I’ve been an independent financial adviser for a while now, and I’ve deliberately built PlanningSolo to be the kind of firm I’d want to use if I was navigating one of life’s big transitions.

Part of that process has involved being really clear on who we help – and how we help them.

And I believe that, by making these choices, we’ve ended up a little different than the usual advisory firm.

“Oh yeah, like everyone else?”

I know, I know – not every adviser claiming to be different can actually be different.

But I think we can back it up:

  • We’re entirely I own the firm and we are – proudly, rigidly, always – independent.
  • Our focus is helping people like you – unsure about their finances, but now having to make big, consequential decisions about their money.


They’ve inherited money, or they’re dealing with a property settlement, or they’re trying to make their different pieces fit into their retirement puzzle.

  • We keep things simple. In my experience, the benefits of complexity don’t tend to end up with clients. So we keep things simple, clear and sensible.


Choosing a financial adviser to help you through this crucial period of your life is a big decision. So here is some more detail on how we can help you start planning your solo journey:


For one, we’re a truly independent firm.

One of around 100 in Australia (0.52% of all advisers in Australia, for the mathematically inclined). This means that we do not accept commissions – on anything – and comply with the strict requirements of s923A of the Corporations Act.

Yes – it means a lot to us. So much that we know the relevant section of the Corporations Act!


We only work with the people we can really help. People who are going through one of life’s big transitions – live divorce, or loss, or retirement – and need to feel more confident about their choices.

Often they feel like they’re ‘too small’ for the big firm they’re currently with (remembering that their minimums are normally around the $5m mark), but don’t know where to find somebody to help them with their unique needs.

We love helping people dealing with these very specific issues – and can help just about anybody walking these particular corridors. We’ve found, though, that we can have the biggest impact when helping people managing between $2m and $5m. 


We want every single interaction you have with us to leave you feeling better.

More confident. More in control. More certain about what you’re doing.

This simple goal means we think – a lot – about how to make every element of our work better for you.

How to make the complex more useful. How to navigate the new world safely and efficiently.  

You won’t hear us throwing around jargon to sound smart. We choose the boring and safe option over the exciting and flashy. We spend our time listening to you; not talking at you. 

We’re clear in our convictions, and in the ways we can help. And if we can’t help – we’ll know who can.

Jordan Vaka

I was born in the 80s, grew up in the 90s, finished school in the 00s, and built my practice in the 10s. My wife and I were joined by our funny, energetic and outrageously cute son in 2017, and his little brother in 2021.

I love my work, so between that and my family, spare time’s a bit of a luxury.

What time there is I like to spend in the garden, or trying to work out why my tools aren’t doing what I want them to do.

How We Can Help

Divorce & Separation

After years of helping people complete their financial disclosure, work out their future financial needs, draft their balance sheets and prepare for their settlement negotiations, we can see the clear benefits of independent financial advice through the process.

It all boils down to one simple idea – we help you feel more confident, and more in control, during your divorce and separation.


The other big transition we help people with is the path from ‘working’ to ‘retired’.

Like all transitions, this step comes with some really big and complicated questions – like what to do with your superannuation, your investments and your arrangements as you stop working?

It can also be a little scary, looking at this big, unknown future without the certainty of going to work every day. Yet with clear planning, we can help reduce those worries and turn them into confidence (and even excitement!).


A surprising, but natural progression, of our practice has been expanding our work from divorce and separation, to helping people rebuild after the loss of their partner.

The circumstances are, obviously, different – but there is some common ground.

Your future has completely changed, and you’re having to make big, consequential decisions about your money – when you may not have much experience in finances.

Independent Financial Advice

It surprises a lot of people to learn that ‘independence’ has a very strict, very specific legal meaning when it comes to financial advice.

Under the Corporations Act, advisers can only call themselves ‘independent’ if:

  • They do not receive any form of commissions
  • They do not receive percentage based fees
  • They do not receive any other gifts or benefits from the issuer of a financial product.
  • Their licensee follows the same rules.


These strict rules mean that there were only 84 truly independent financial advisers in Australia when we received our license.

We are very proud to have been the 85th.

 What Does It Mean?

Our advice is – always – solely in your best interests. We have no ties with any bank, institution or product provider. No commissions, no percentage fees.

We’re here to help you rebuild your best financial life. So we work for you, and you alone. Just clear, useful, independent advice in your best interests.And for people facing one of life’s big upheavals, we think that’s pretty important.