Divorce & Separation

Helping you through the tunnel - and out the other side.

The future you had planned is gone. And now it’s falling on you to decide how you want your new future to look.

Our experience helping people make better decisions during the divorce hurricane means we can help you be ready to rebuild the right way, right away.


In our work with people going through divorce, we’ve noticed some consistent elements of the experience.

First, the sheer size of the change can be disorienting. You had your future in mind, for a long time, and now that future is gone. Now you have to work out what comes next.

Also – the energy required to work through ‘the process’ can be exhausting. At any given time, you’re juggling the emotional impact of the end of your relationship, guilt about what it means for the kids and your family, worries about how you’re going to make ends meet, stress about the arguments that seem embedded in the negotiation and trying to get by, day-to-day.

On top of this, you’re being asked to regularly make big decisions using incomplete data and an unclear picture of the future.

The combined burden can be overwhelming – it’s amazing how much people are capable of under such stress.

But this is why we’ve been able to tailor our services to meet the very specific needs of people navigating their divorce or separation.


When we meet people going through divorce, we’re often engaged to help them – and their legal team – in a few different ways:


Data Collection

So you can be confident that you know the specifics of your combined financial situation – accurate data is key. We can help you collect all of the ins and outs of your superannuation, investments, insurances, budget and money matters as you head through your divorce.


Education and Development

Financial jargon is hard to tolerate at the best of times – when you need to know what to do during a divorce, it’s useless. We take the time to explain the meaning of it all to you, without being patronising or annoying.


Scenario Analysis

You will, at some stage, need to decide between alternatives in your negotiation. We’ve helped people make these choices by modelling out the different scenarios so they can asses the different outcomes.


Goal Setting

For many people, setting suitable goals is challenging at the best of times. Doing it through a divorce? Forget about it. This is why setting clear goals is so vital at such a difficult time. They can act as milestones as you work through the process


You’ve weathered the storm. The agreements are signed, the assets divided, it’s all settled.

Now you have to move on to the really big task – rebuilding.

Our work in this phase more resembles the ‘traditional’ financial planning work, but always with the same empathetic approach that sets us apart.


We help you:

– Set the budget for your new life.

– Make sure you’re protected from the big risks of life.

– Tick off the ‘financial hygiene’ to-do list, like making sure your super is in good shape.

– Plan and build for the future.

– Feel confident that you’re doing everything you can to build your best financial life.

– Be there for you as you start standing on your own two feet.

Independent Financial Advice

It surprises a lot of people to learn that ‘independence’ has a very strict, very specific legal meaning when it comes to financial advice.

As per the Corporations Act, advisers cannot call themselves independent unless:

  • They do not receive any form of commissions (unless they’re on-paid to their clients)
  • They ensure that none of their income is based on the volume of business placed with the issuer of a financial product
  • They do not receive any other gifts or benefits from the issuer of a financial product.
  • And they must need to ensure nobody in their licensee or company receives any of these either

It probably seems a little bit fussy and arcane, but the underlying idea is that only those advisers with no link whatsoever to product providers can call themselves independent. The demands of these rules mean that, at last count, there were only 84 financial advisers in Australia that can lay claim to this exclusive title. We are very proud to have been the 85th.