Zelda’s Story

So – what do I actually do to help people through divorce?  

Well, the best way I can think of to explain it is to tell you about Zelda.  

The Cost of Getting Divorced – a Comparison

And the primary cause for this horrendous cost is how you and your ex (while acknowledging this is one of the times when it doesn’t take two to tango up the bill) handle the inevitable conflicts. 

But, as you know by now, there is another way.

But, What is Collaborative Divorce?

You have an image in your mind of what ‘divorce’ looks like.

Lawyers. A courtroom. Yelling. Accusations. Anger. Fear. Recriminations and accusations.

Now take that image and put it to the side.

Rafting the River of Divorce – Part 2

You enter the rapids and immediately feel uncomfortable as the pace picks up. You’re quickly bouncing from side to side, and there’s the occasional rock scrape on the bottom of the kayak.  

“Like Walking Through Mud”

Either way, I’m more than happy to have the conversation. Going through a divorce is brutally difficult already – if there’s anyway we can help them get started off on the right foot, then that’s why we’re here.

How We’ve Been Helping – Feb 2022

One of my favourite parts of this job is when somebody we’ve working with for a while, to help them plan for their retirement, gets to walk out of work for the last time. It’s such a big, meaningful and – hopefully – positive transitions, it’s a really nice thing to be part of.