SMSF Scepticism – Part 2

My last post – SMSF Scepticism (Or What To Do With That Property) – captured some of my thoughts on the ever-rolling dirty snowball that is SMSFs, LRBAs and crummy investment properties. In my (misguided) attempt at balance, the second half of my post listed the positives of an SMSF. Well, there’ll be no such […]

SMSF Scepticism (Or, What Should You Do With That Property?)

What makes a good financial adviser? A simple question with many different answers. And different answers when you’re a widow navigating those first big financial decisions. But one characteristic I believe every good financial adviser holds is robust, professional scepticism. An ability to see through the marketing noise and cut to the only question that really […]

The Laundry Cap Rule

But what’s it mean?

Well, take the cap on the bottle of detergent atop your washing machine.  

That cap is far bigger than it needs to be. Twice the size, probably. Because you don’t need ever really need to use a full cap. A half cap, at most, will leave your clothes fresh and clean. 

How Clean Is Your Windscreen?

But you also can’t tell if you’re still even on the road.  

I mean, you can normally feel when you’re still on the road. But with a dirty windscreen, you can never be entirely sure.  

Because you can’t see where you’re going, so you’re driving by ‘feel’. And, really, who wants to spend their entire life driving by feel? 

“Like Walking Through Mud”

Either way, I’m more than happy to have the conversation. Going through a divorce is brutally difficult already – if there’s anyway we can help them get started off on the right foot, then that’s why we’re here.

What’s Been Going On – Feb 2022

It’s been an eventful few months at this end, that’s for sure. Here’s a brief summary of some of the big things that have been keeping us busy lately:

$2,000 or $5,000?

As an independent financial adviser, I don’t accept any commissions, including on insurance.

With insurance – which is really the only product that still pays commissions – my preference is to turn them off completely, because it can reduce the premiums by 25-30%.