SMSF Scepticism – Part 2

My last post – SMSF Scepticism (Or What To Do With That Property) – captured some of my thoughts on the ever-rolling dirty snowball that is SMSFs, LRBAs and crummy investment properties. In my (misguided) attempt at balance, the second half of my post listed the positives of an SMSF. Well, there’ll be no such […]

Well, What Do I Do Now?

You’ve woken up, a few weeks after the funeral. You don’t fill the kettle as high anymore, just enough for the tea you drink with your toast each morning. You sit at the bench, open your phone and start flicking through Facebook until the water boils. Out of the corner of your eye, you see […]

Life, Loss and Legacy

For most of the people we work with, the term ‘widow’ can be hard to get used to. Sometimes, it’s because the word sounds like it’s for people much older than they feel. For others, it’s because the word’s not big enough to encompass their experience, their past, their life – and their loss. It […]

Zelda’s Story

So – what do I actually do to help people through divorce?  

Well, the best way I can think of to explain it is to tell you about Zelda.  

But, What is Collaborative Divorce?

You have an image in your mind of what ‘divorce’ looks like.

Lawyers. A courtroom. Yelling. Accusations. Anger. Fear. Recriminations and accusations.

Now take that image and put it to the side.

Rafting the River of Divorce – Part 2

You enter the rapids and immediately feel uncomfortable as the pace picks up. You’re quickly bouncing from side to side, and there’s the occasional rock scrape on the bottom of the kayak.