Some 3-Second Answers (And Excuses)

Our last post took you through our 3-Second Answer, to try and help you find one thing that you could do that would make for a happier life.

What we didn’t include in our post was any discussion around reasons, or excuses, for not pursuing these improvements (I call these the Unhappy Reasons).

But we all make them – and we’ve heard our fair share.

Nor did we say that making these changes would be easy, or simple.

It’s simply not our role to deem any of these changes, or the Unhappy Reasons as worthy or not.

Instead, we aim to help you recognise them and then you can decide how you’d like to deal with them.

Which gives us a great follow up questions to the 3-Second Answer:

Are your reasons not to make your change so powerful as to prevent you pursuing a happier life?

And I can say that when you start analyzing your Unhappy Reasons, some very interesting things can start to happen…

Anyway, here are some of the 3-Second Answers we’ve heard – and some of the Unhappy Reasons (excuses?) we’ve heard for why those changes can’t be made:


“I can change my job”

(But it’s a tough market, and I don’t like my chances)


“I can quit my job”

(But I have a mortgage)


“I can save more money”

(But I’m spending all my pay now and can’t get ahead)


“I can travel more”

(But I can’t afford the money or the time)


“I can lose weight”

(But I’ve tried before, and it’s never stuck so why bother now?)


“I can exercise more”

(But I’ve been injured before)


“I can join a gym”

(But I’d be embarrassed)


“I can change my people”

(But I don’t want to upset anyone)


“I can stand up for myself more”

(But it’s just easier not to)


“I can see my friends more”

(But I don’t have time)


“I can stop being envious”

(But I just wish I had more)


“I can spend more time doing my hobbies”

(But I can’t find the time)


“I can be home earlier / more”

(But I have so much work to do)


“I can fix my marriage”

(But it’s been broken for so long)


“I can be a better parent”

(But I don’t know how)

 “I could be a better partner”

(But why should I when they won’t?)

 “I can make more time for myself”

(But I need to be there for my kids / my partner / my work / my family / my friends)

“I could volunteer”

(But it’s not really convenient)

 “I can sleep more”

(But I’m on my phone til late at night)

 “I can stop checking my emails / Facebook / online”

(But I might miss something)

 “I could stop drinking”

(But I’m not an alcoholic)

Your Unhappy Reasons might be insurmountable.

Your Unhappy Reasons might take a very long time to remove.

Your Unhappy Reasons might involve an uncomfortable level of compromise or sacrifice.

But until you’ve got your 3-Second Answer AND defined your Unhappy Reasons, how could you know?

If you’d like to find out how we can help you define – and maybe map an answer to – your Unhappy Reasons, please get in touch. 

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