Something to Share – April 2022

Your 100 Goals

At its simplest, financial planning is like planning a holiday – you work out where you want to go and you assemble all the pieces (accommodation, transport, activities, etc.) to make the holiday happen.

But one of the hardest things when it comes to financial planning is working out where you want to actually go. And then that’s only part of it too – actually telling your adviser so we can build out the plan is another matter altogether!

Which is why I’ve built out this quiz – to help people brainstorm up to 100 goals they’d like to achieve in their life.

Check it out – it’s a valuable exercise on its own because the 25 questions are quite thought-provoking.


Living With Dementia

We help people manage their money once they’re in retirement.

It’s rewarding work, but one part of the work that hasn’t been widely discussed (though this is changing) is what happens when people start experiencing cognitive decline in retirement.

A few of the people we work with have been dealing with this lately, working out what it means for their lives and their loved ones. It is, as you can imagine, an incredibly challenging part of life.

Which is why I found this article from somebody living with dementia so powerful and useful.


Taking the Real Out of Real Estate

The questions about ‘cryptocurrency’ have been increasing lately – what do I think of it (not much), how do we invest in it (no idea), how can I learn more about it (not via social media, I know that much)?

And the truth is that while I can see the benefit of the underlying technology, I find the discussions around the different coins about as interesting as those about gambling on football. Except I fee like the stench of a grift is even stronger when it comes to cryptocurrency.

Part of this is that it’s all a bit of a mystery – but that mystery is nothing compared to the sheer, unbridled confusion NFTs and virtual real estate triggers in my simple analogue brain.

This article – from one of my favourite bloggers – tries to make this collection of carnival mirrors sound vaguely realistic. It’s fascinating to read what other people are making of this whirligig of collective madness but I know one thing for sure – I’m not taking his lead and recommending anybody put any money into this looming mess!

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