Life’s So Easy

You’re born, you grow up.

You finish school, join the workforce.

You work hard, get promoted, keep your job all the way to retirement.

Your pay goes up each year and you’re properly rewarded for your time, effort and commitment.

You meet someone, or maybe a few someone’s, then you find one you want to spend more time with.

More time becomes all time. You get married, maybe have some kids. Yours is a settled life.

You’re healthy, and comfortable. Times change, but you’re the same person you always were.

Strong as an ox, fit as a fiddle, full of beans.

(I can’t find a font that properly communicates ‘dripping with sarcasm’, but you get my point.)

Life’s not at all easy.

It’s a maze of motion and decisions and pathways and forks in the roads.

Life – and practically everything in it – is transitory.

Work – change is constant, and job security feels mythical.

Relationships change, grow, evolve, develop and, sadly but not infrequently, die.

And it’s surely no surprise to find out that our health changes, and not always in a good way.

But what if we all spent some time in this maze to prepare the resources that enables us to take on these transitions and changes without letting them ruin us?

What if we could confront life’s transitions and push through to the other side, with our sanity, finances and self-esteem intact?

Now – what if your life’s going through one of life’s big transitions?

Would you like somebody to help you navigate your way through it – or do it all on your own?

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