Six Stones – 1. All Done!

Welcome (back) to our Six Stones series. Our financial adviser, Jordan, is sharing as many tips, ideas and advice for people going through a divorce as a humble blog will allow. He’s staying away from specific financial advice – it’s all general advice over here, be sure to get personal financial advice before doing anything – but we hope you find some useful information in here as you navigate through/out of your divorce.

And, with that, we come to the end of this first part of our Six Stones series.

The financial world is a (deliberately) complex one, with traps, conflicts and predators all over the place.

Which makes it an intimidating place to find yourself in for the first time. Maybe you’ve never managed your finances before, maybe this is the first time you’ve had to balance a budget or make any financial decisions. 

And, I bet, you’re a bit nervous about getting it wrong.

If that sounds like you, then this whole series is for you.

My mission with this series is to equip you with the knowledge you need to stride confidently into your new life.

Because, when all’s said and done, all the advice has been received, the orders signed, the settlement completed, the custody arrangements finalised and assets split, one thing will be true above all else – it’s all on you now.

Which makes people nervous.

But not me.

Because you’ve got this.

And if our little series of books on the Six Stones can help to get you over across the river and into the green fields, or can help you reach Cash Confidence a bit faster, or just help in any way at all, then I’m really excited to see what you make of it.

Because, as I said, you’ve got this. 

All the best of luck,

Jordan Vaka

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