Six Stones – Confidence

“I’m really scared I’ll get it wrong.”

“What if there’s not enough?”

“I don’t know anything about this.”

“I’ve never felt in control of my money.”

“I can’t afford to start again.”

“What do I do now?”

These questions – and plenty like them – have probably crossed your mind since you recently became single.

It’s a big change and changes like this will undermine your confidence in a million different ways.

You might have lost faith in your ability to make good decisions.

You might worry that you’ll do something stupid. Or wrong.

You might be nervous about seeming, or sounding, silly when talking about things you haven’t really dealt with before.

That’s all completely natural.

We’re talking about a HUGE change here!

Cash Confidence

We can’t help with everything you have going on.

But after years helping people with their money questions, I am confident that we can help you become more confident about your money.

Which is why I want you to reach the point of Cash Confidence.

The state of mind where you’re in control of your money, you know the path you’re on – and how money is helping you build your ideal life.

It’s having complete certainty that your card won’t be declined, that your direct debits won’t bounce, that you can deal with the washing machine, fridge and car all blowing up on the same day.

It’s not having to check your account before making a payment, it’s knowing where your money is, it’s not having to juggle cards to meet your obligations.

And it’s not having that voice in the back of your mind every night, worrying that it’ll all fall apart.

It is, in short, being confident about your money.

Because I believe that confidence then spreads into the various other areas of your life, helping to make this transition that little bit easier, little bit quicker, littler bit smoother.

So if you want to find out how you can:

–          Take full control of how money flows through your life;

–          Build a bulletproof (financial) backside;

–          Quiet those debt worries that keep you up at night;

–          Take your money by the horns and make it do what you need;

–          Build an outrageous investment portfolio, one tiny step at a time;

–          Be confident about your money, your life and your future.

Then I think you’ll find something useful in reading through our planned series of (many, many!) blog posts coming up.

My intention is for this prolonged series of posts to act as the foundation of a book – and I want to give it away for free while I work explore these ideas and advice.

I hope you get some value out of it.


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